Product Development at SensiLogic

SensiLogic is currently developing own products in two different categories, and will be adding more product categories in the near future. The goal is to provide products that deliver real value to the user in the form of better health, better use of time, monetary savings, convenience, and comfort. SensiLogic is committed to an iterative product development process that ensures that its customers’ needs are met, and expectations exceeded.

Healthy Living

We believe that smartphones offer many possibilities to contribute to healthy living. For that reason, we have chosen to devote a good part of our product development effort to building solutions that allow smartphone users to more easily live a healthy and happy life.

Obesity is a growing problem around the world as more and more people pay less attention to what they eat. Increasing pressure on our time also results in more trips to fast food places and less thought given to daily consumption and nutrition.

Our first product in the Healthy Living category aims to help people consume more nutritious food with minimal effort while at the same time keeping a lid on expenses.


Tourism is another category where smartphone software solutions can provide great value and since SensiLogic emloyees are avid travellers it is only natural that we have chosen to combine our love for smartphone software development with our second passion, travelling.

Our first tourism product helps enhance the experience of tourists in Iceland. My Iceland Travel Guide doesn’t just make it easy for tourists in Iceland to find everything there is to see and do in this amazing country, it allows them to share their experience with their friends and relatives, who might not have the opportunity to join them on the trip.

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