SensiLogic Team

SensiLogic was founded in early 2010 by individuals with diverse backgrounds who realized that their combined experience could create a solid foundation for a smartphone software development company.


SensiLogic develops mobile solutions that make a difference in people’s lives. SensiLogic applies a truly multi-disciplinary approach to product development in order to deliver innovative, useful, and user-friendly mobile solutions. Whether it is on our own products, or on projects for our clients, we strive to deliver the same consistent professionalism.



Innovation at SensiLogic is the result of a continuous search for improvement by highly qualified employees who stay current with advances in their fields. We enjoy challenging each other’s thoughts and ideas to produce something better, more useful, and user-friendly. We understand that sometimes it only involves improving the norm, while occasionally it involves revolutionizing it.



At SensiLogic, we have created an organization that allows each individual to make the most of his or her talents, and to then be further strengthened with contributions from other members of our multi-disciplinary team. We are all doing excactly what we love to do and our goal is simply to get even better while making a modest living at it.

Joining SensiLogic

We are always looking for exceptional people to join our team and we understand the value of the diversity of our talents. If you are interested in being a SensiLogic employee, feel free to send us your CV. We will promptly tell you if we think you are a good match for SensiLogic.


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