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Iceland at your fingertips

My Iceland Travel Guide is the premier travel guide for Iceland, designed to meet the needs of tourists in Iceland. It includes over one thousand listings in 6 main categories and 70 subcategories, including everything from bike tours to dog sledding to snowmobiling to whale watching, and new listings are continuously being added. It includes hotels, car rentals, museums, nature spots, and much more – all with GPS coordinates to easily locate places of interest. It even has information on most of the volcanoes which have erupted in Iceland in the last 1100 years – also with GPS coordinates, just in case you want to visit them.

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Designed for Tourists

My Iceland Travel Guide was created to make it easy for tourists in Iceland to travel around the country and to maximize their enjoyment. It accomplishes this by organizing all the essential information necessary for a great travel experience into a cohesive, easy-to-use guide. This is Iceland at your fingertips.

Main view

Main view


Iceland is of such a small scale in international terms that it is possible to create a smartphone travel guide that includes just about everything there is to see and do in the country. With over one thousand listings already, and growing every month, My Iceland Travel Guide is well on its way of doing just that.

List of activities

List of activities


  • Easy to use – My Iceland Travel Guide works the way you think. It is organized by the basic needs of travellers so whether you want to find a place to stay, experience the raw nature of Iceland, or learn about Icelandic culture, you’ll find it quickly in My Iceland Travel Guide.
  • Location-aware – The Near Me feature provides a list of things to do or see near your current location, allowing easy browsing of items of interest based on your location at any time.
  • Offline or online – My Iceland Travel Guide is an offline guide and as such does not require a network connection. However, it provides additional features if a network connection is present.
  • Travel log – Visiting Iceland is such an amazing experience that you might want to keep track of where you go and what you see. That’s why My Iceland Travel Guide is also a travel log. Whether you make multiple visits to the same places, or make an effort to see everything, My Iceland Travel Guide will allow you to record when you visited each place.
  • Sharing – Don’t keep Iceland all to yourself. See something amazing? Send information about it to a friend.

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