SensiLogic Services

SensiLogic services are primarily in four areas, product development, mobile user research, mobile user interface design, and general smartphone software development consulting. Occasionally we may do related work, such as usability testing. We strive to maintain neutrality and professionalism on every client project.

Product Development

SensiLogic is a mobile software development company and as such is continuously involved in product development projects at various stages. Our involvement may include any or all phases in product development, from the ideas and brainstorming phase, to concept development, user-interface design and testing, to technical implementation, and marketing.


User Research

One of SensiLogic’s core competencies is user research. We focus on smartphone users as well as mobile Internet device users, looking both at micro and macro issues. Our research therefore covers the entire process of how a smartphone, or another mobile device, is integrated into the lifestyle of the user.



SensiLogic engages in various mobile software consulting projects for clients. At any given time, we may have ongoing projects for several different clients. We therefore carefully monitor potential conflicts of interest between our clients’ projects as well as our own internal product development projects and we turn down projects that might threaten, or seem to threaten, our neutrality and thus our professional integrity.

User Interface Design

User interface design is another core competency of SensiLogic. We have user interface design and usability testing experience going back to the early days of mobile phones, including a tablet-like device over ten years ago, and we stay sharp by mixing different sets of talents to create a team that is not bound by current norms. We also regularly put both ideas, prototypes, and finished products through usability testing to ensure that we are meeting customer needs.

Hiring SensiLogic

If any of these services are of interest, please contact our Services department for more information. Once we have the project details, we will make an assessment and either provide an estimate or politely decline the project.

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